Whether you're about to send your eldest child off to camp for the first time or are readying your fourth daughter for her sixth summer away, anticipation is the watchword - for her, for you and for us!  Our excitement is growing and our hopes are high!  Luckily, the long list of to-do's to ensure a successful camp season (hiring and training staff, tending to the facilities and grounds, and planning of innovative programs) provides the perfect channel for our energy.  Each completed task brings us closer to the magical ten weeks that gives this place its purpose.
There's much for you and your camper to do to get ready as well.  Stocking up on sunscreen and packing a trunk are just the beginning.  This section for parents is loaded with lists and tried-and-true tips guaranteed to make your pre-camp preparations efficient and enjoyable.  As you prepare for your child's camp experience, please know that we welcome your calls and questions, and that your camper's safety, personal growth, and happiness are our chief concerns!
Camp Ton-A-Wandah is ready and waiting!  Now you can be too!


TAW Hugs,

Your Ton-A-Wandah Family